Counseling, also called psychotherapy, can help  when your life feels stuck and you don't know what to do. It involves making changes in thinking, behavior and/or feelings. In my counseling sessions, I strive to create a positive, safe, supportive setting for you, so you can talk about yourself and your experiences. In my counseling, the relationship between you and me is key. It is our collaborative relationship, that can help get to the root of problems and find effective solutions.

Counseling works by offering you the opportunity to thoroughly talk out your problems and allows you a place to feel supported in your struggle. I believe counseling guides you in finding new perspectives on your life, which can lead to self discovery and greater consciousness.

Counseling also involves uncovering forgotten parts of yourself, including strengths, assets and positive resources. It helps you get to know and appreciate yourself more, which can translate into added self confidence, better relationships and more enjoyment in your life.

I offer sessions for individuals, couples and families. I use an integrative approach combining a number of theoretical frameworks to meet the needs of my clients and the concerns they bring to the counseling room. I believe many struggles have roots in unresolved childhood issues or unmet childhood needs. Therefore, I focus on supporting you to release energy that is tied to past events and perceptions.

enjoy hearing clients' life stories and have a natural curiosity and interest in human development and behavior. I respect all people and their backgrounds no matter what their religion, race, ethnicity, sexual preference or socio-economic status.
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